From 2014 onwards two mandatory stops?

Author of the article: , published on November 30, 2013.


Formula One racers will have to make two pit stops in each race, with a strict limit on how many laps they will be allowed to drive before the stop, provided, of course, that the teams adopt the new proposed rules.

The Formula One strategic team, which will meet next month, will, among other things, discuss the aforementioned proposal, which would have a dramatic impact on tactics and the spectacle itself. The rules must first be adopted by the teams and then by the FIA ​​International Automobile Federation Sports Council.

The proposal says racers should put new tires on the race car twice during the race, with a softer mixture of the two offered should not cover more than half the length of the race, while the harder of the two should not run more than a third of the lap.

If the new rules are adopted, they will reduce the impact of tactics on the course of the race, as racers will no longer have to watch their tires to drive as many laps as possible.

For next season, Pirelli is trying to divert the attention of Formula One races from the tires, in order to avoid criticism at their own expense.

Pirelli’s sporting boss, Paul Hembery, said they want to know from the team bosses what kind of tires they want. “We want a clear request, as some of our critics forgot this year to only offer teams the kind of tires they asked us to do,” Hembery said.

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