Ocon angry at 'suicide' racers after mass collision in Australia

Author of the article: , published April 2, 2023

Esteban Ocon was involved in a collision with teammate Pierre Gasly after the restart of the race in Australia. But instead of attacking Gasly, Ocon said a series of other "suicide" racers could have caused the same collision.

Gasly was in fifth place after the second red flag, and in a race with just two laps to go, he tried to avoid a collision with Fernando Alonso, causing his wheels to lock up on braking into the first corner, resulting in he slid into the sandy picnic area and returned to the track right next to Ocon, who he also hit and caused both to retire.

Gasly apologized to Ocon, but Ocon holds no grudges against his teammate. "The restart was chaotic and any racer could have crashed into me. Many racing cars were returning to the track and Pierre was one of them," he said. "He apologized to me and I don't hold any grudges against him."

However, the Frenchman hit one of the Aphe Tauri racers, who, in his opinion, drove completely suicidally into the first corner. He himself said that it was Nyck de Vries, but more likely it was another Alpha racer, Juki Tsunoda. “My tires were hot. I didn't feel like it was sliding, but the conditions were a bit difficult due to the low sun. But some racers drove completely suicidally into the first corner, like Nyck for example. It was very close and in such a case you can really gain a lot, but some racers went over the line.”

After the race, Gasly was summoned for questioning by the commissioners, and the Frenchman faces a ban from the race in Azerbaijan.

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