New Pirelli tires to win or lose?

Author of the article: , published on June 26, 2013.

Pirelli, the official supplier of tires for Formula One cars, announced that they will test a prototype hard tire on Friday. The same tires have already been tested at the Spanish Grand Prix (in early May 2013). All 22 drivers will receive two sets of new tires, which they will return after completing their second free practice. As they predict, the weather will be dry, so the conditions will be ideal for testing only these. Pirelli CEO Paul Hembery said: “As a racetrack in Canada, Silverstone is a track that wears tires heavily, but for completely different reasons.
We brought the two hardest compounds made with a new way of joining the tread (rubber) to the steel ring, which is designed to prevent problems with the stratification of the tire, which occurred earlier in the season. However, the construction will not change, as the teams did not unanimously decide to do so. "

“P Zero Orange Hard” is the name of a new hard tire that provides maximum durability with minimal wear and optimal resistance to extreme conditions. This is ideal for long rides and is also suitable for driving on sanded asphalt. It has huge lateral forces and high temperatures. Of course, all these positive features are accompanied by the fact that these tires need more time to warm up to the optimum temperature. For 2013, this tire has become much softer and will now be closer to last year’s medium-hard tire. It is also one of the few that differs most visibly from last year, as it changes color from silver to orange, which means that a real color spectacle awaits us on Friday.

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