The new tires don’t fit Lotus, Grosjean’s achievement threatened

Author of the article: , published July 27, 2013.

Kimi Raikkonen believes that the Lotus team's form has suffered a blow with the introduction of new tires. The Finn has not been happy with his race car at the Hungarian Hungaroring all weekend, and although the changes in settings have made him much more favorable in the qualifiers, the 2007 champion reached sixth place.

“The problem is in the new tires, especially the front ones, as they are similar to last year and are not as good as the ones we drove last. This is not ideal for me, but we will try to find a solution, ”said Raikkonen. “It wasn’t so bad at the qualifiers. Maybe we should set the front wings for more vacuum, which would help us get higher. But I’m much happier now than I was at the start of the racing weekend. It's not a failure, but it's not the way we would like it to be. ”

Asked if Lotus would be more about nails in the next races, the Finn said he hoped they would be able to adjust. “We just need to make a few changes and improve the car. We have some ideas, but we have not had time to try a possible solution, so this will be waiting for us in the coming days. "

Raikkonen's teammate Romain Grosjean finished third in qualifying, so he was even more optimistic about his chances in the race. “Softer tires are hard to keep, but harder ones didn't bother us. That can change a lot, so I hope to get a chance to win tomorrow. So far, this has been a good weekend. We will see a lot of different tactics in the race, and we will try to get the most out of our car when there is no one in front of us. ”

However, the French car did not pass the bottom flexibility test at the technical inspection after the qualifications, so Grosjean is threatened with disqualification and a start from the start.

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