Next season comes the clash of GHD champions

Author of the article: , published on August 7, 2013.


At the last meeting of the International Sports Council, the FIA ​​gave the green light for the most prestigious competition in the world of mountain speed racing. Next season, Slovenian mountain speed racers are also promised the opportunity to participate in the so-called Hill Climb Masters competition.

Mountain speed racing is one of the oldest motorsports disciplines, as the first races were organized in the early twentieth century. Today, the races take place in more than twenty European countries, as well as on other continents, where the most famous race is the Pikes Peak race in Colorado. The European Mountain Speed ​​Racing Championship (EHCC) consists of thirteen events in eleven countries, including Slovenia. In addition to the European Championships, there are three other competitions - the Antiques Championship, the International Championships, and the European Cup competition.

With such a crowded calendar of events, which according to experts are mostly amateur racers, it is difficult to convince competitors to participate in one championship throughout the season. Precisely because of this, the idea of ​​organizing a single event at the end of the season (mid-October) was born, where all national and international champions of last season will compete in one place. This is how the Hill Climb Masters competition came into being.

The country where the HC Masters will take place will host the event for at least three years and then move to another. It will be prepared by the countries or event organizers, who will be able to attract as many champions as possible, and at the same time ensure quality organization and promotion, with which the event will only gain prestige. Among the countries that will prepare the event could also be Slovenia, where one of the best organized races in Europe is taking place as part of the European Championship, namely the one in Ilirska Bistrica.

At the Masters event, the champions of individual championships and cup competitions will have to compete with the race car they used to compete during the season. There will be two competitions, namely the competition of individuals, where racers will be awarded medals, and the competition of nations, in which due to differences in the capacity of participants, the victory will go to the country with the most victories among individuals and not the country represented by the fastest racer. Thus, countries that do not have a racer with a prototype or formula in their ranks will also have a chance to win.

“All events on the European Mountain Racing Championship calendar are very popular,” explained Paul Gutjahr, President of the FIA ​​Commission for Mountain Speed ​​Racing. “The number of competitors in individual races is often more than 150, sometimes even approaching 250. In many races for the national championship, over 150 competitors regularly compete, but the discipline of mountain speed racing is a discipline where amateur racers compete from Monday to Friday. to work.

Most of these enthusiasts, even if they are champions in their home country, cannot afford to perform abroad. Since the Masters competition will include a single race, we can also attract such racers, especially since the appearance at this event will be something special for the chosen ones, as they will have the opportunity to proudly represent their country.

In addition, this will be an opportunity for racers who would not otherwise compete with each other to compete against each other. We want the Masters to be the highlight of the mountain speed racing season, ”added Gutjahr.

The Commission for Mountain Speed ​​Racing will draw up sports rules this summer, which will, among other things, determine the criteria that organizers will have to meet. If they meet the set criteria, they will be able to apply to organize the Hill Climb Masters race.

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