Newey sees even more success with Red Bull in the future

Author of the article: , published on October 30, 2013.

There has been much talk in the past that Newey is expected to end his career outside of Formula One, but for once he remains loyal to her. Namely, Adrian sees his future at Red Bull in Formula One, where he wants to continue to win: “We won the fourth consecutive title among the constructors and this is reason enough to remain loyal to the team in the future. I’ve been with the team since they took it over from Jaguar and I have to say we’ve been doing very well with the whole team at Milton Keyns.

Christian Horner and I have a great time, so I have to say that one great adventure is behind us. A big challenge awaits us in the coming year, as many technical rules change, which I focus heavily on. In addition to engines, there will be many changes in aerodynamics, but not as much as in 2009. "

Finally, the Red Bull guru commented on the new engines, citing competitiveness and durability as the biggest unknown: “The durability of the new engines is a big question, and the question of whether one of the engine suppliers will gain a significant advantage. For once, there are still many unknowns, but we will solve them in the first tests. "

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