New success of Maribor students in Formula Student

Author of the article: , published on August 27, 2015.

The team of Maribor students UNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering achieved 3rd place in the endurance race and 3rd place in the total sum of the dynamic part of the competition within the project Student Formula at the international competition in Győr, Hungary.

There were 8 in the total. The competition took place between 20 and 23 August, the announcement of the results took place on Sunday, 23.8. The team is currently preparing for the second competition of the year, which will start in 7 days. It will take place in Most, Czech Republic, between September 3 and 6, where it also expects good rankings.

2 drivers of the race car completed the 1485,742km long course in the endurance test in 22s and thus secured the team 3rd place here as well as in the total sum of the dynamic part of the competition.


Student formula competitions consist of two main parts - static and dynamic. The static part consists of engineering design, price and durability analysis, business presentations and technical inspection (consisting of safety inspection, chassis, volume, brakes, car tilt test and technical inspection). What the team may have lacked in the static part of the competition was more than offset by the performance in the dynamic part of the competition, which consists of skidpad, acceleration, endurance test and fuel economy.

In acceleration and autocross, they finished 11th with a best time of 4,044s in acceleration and 37,747s for best lap time in autocross.
On the skid pad, the UNI MB GPE ranked 5th with a time of 4,9735s, while they ranked 10th in fuel efficiency.

The car itself weighs only 165kg and was one of the lighter in the competition. Among other things, it is distinguished by a carbon monocoque, carbon suspensions and carbon rims with aluminum centers. For the engine, they opted for a single-cylinder 480cm3 KTM engine powered by ethanol. It has 48 horsepower, which allows the car to reach a speed of 100km / h in 3,9s. This year, for the first time in the history of the project, the car is equipped with a complete aerodynamic package - both front and rear wings, hips and undertray. Students performed a huge number of engineering simulations and analyzes that allowed them to select the most engineering-optimal solutions.

Formula Student is the largest competition in the world for engineering students who, with their knowledge, experience and under the auspices of universities and their sponsors and donors, compete every year in the production of a race car and in various road speed trials.


The organizers of the competitions are engineering professional associations that, with the help of the largest companies in the automotive industry, such as Porsche, Daimler, Audi, Jaguar and others, organize tests of student formulas on various world racetracks.

There are about 500 Formula Student teams in the world, competing in about 40 competitions around the world each year. By participating in the design, construction, fabrication, optimal settings, cost plan and business plan, and final testing, students gain invaluable practical experience that they can use to their advantage after graduation.

For the fifth year in a row, the team of GPE Maribor students, which operates under the auspices of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Maribor, ranks in solid places in Formula Student class competitions that take place throughout Europe. This year’s success is for a team of historic value. Every year, the team becomes more recognizable, as it impresses judges, renowned experts from the world's largest companies, with its engineering solutions.

Photos: UNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering

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