The new generation Audi A4 and Audi A4 avant

Author of the article: , published July 3, 2015.

The new generation Audi A4 * and Audi A4 Avant * impress with their advanced synthesis of technology and aesthetics. The brand's bestsellers in all technical areas boast important innovations and once again set benchmarks in their segment. At the same time, Audi has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions as one of its key development goals, and all technologies ensure, among other things, less air resistance.

The aerodynamics of the vehicle can undoubtedly serve as an example: with an drag coefficient of 0,23, the A4 sedan boasts the best value in its class. The low CO2 emissions are also more than convincing, reaching 4 g / km for the A2.0 110 TDI ultra with 150 kW (95 hp) and 4 g / km for the A2.0 Avant 99 TDI ultra. With the 2.0 TFSI engine, which develops 140 kW (190 hp), CO2 emissions in the A4 ultra (sedan) are 109 g / km and in the A4 Avant ultra 114 g / km. Two 6-cylinder TDI engines are available as the most powerful powertrains
with power up to 200 kW (272 hp). New generation of 4-cylinder TFSI engines with new combustion process sets benchmarks in consumption, emissions and performance
4-cylinder petrol engines. Assistance and multimedia systems are at the level of luxury class. In autumn 2015, sales of both the A4 sedan and the A4 Avanta will begin.


With a length of 4,73 m and a wheelbase of 2,82 m, the new Audi A4 and the new Audi A4 Avant have a sovereign position on the road. Distinctly horizontal lines at the front and rear emphasize the width of the vehicle. At the same time, large smooth surfaces and accentuated lines radiate the brand's characteristic sporty elegance. One-piece refrigerator grid frame
is wide and low, and optional LED headlights and matrix LED headlights, together with dynamic turn signals, embody the technical sophistication of Audi vehicles.

Up to 120 pounds lighter
Dimensions have increased compared to its predecessor, while the weight of the empty vehicle has decreased significantly - by up to 120 kg, depending on the selected engine. The body of the new Audi models is one of the lightest in the circle of competitors due to the intelligent combination of materials and light construction. Also in terms of acoustic comfort, the Audi A4 is the best in its class. All passengers enjoy exceptional spaciousness, while the distinctly horizontal lines emphasize the width of the interior. At the front, there is a wide belt with ventilation nozzles, which, together with long decorative slats, divides the dashboard into lower and early parts. At night, the hidden line lighting on the doors and center console provides a special atmosphere if desired. The quality of workmanship is at the highest level. Colors and materials are selected in accordance with the new design concept, which leaves customers even more freedom in configuring the vehicle.

Sensor-controlled boot lid unlocking: A4 Avant
The boot volume in the new A4 Avant is basically 505 liters, which no other vehicle in the prestigious segment can compete with. When the backrest of the rear seats is folded down and the luggage is loaded to the foot, the volume increases to 1.510 liters. The electric luggage roll and the electric drive for the boot lid are standard. As an option, customers can also order a sensor control for opening and closing the boot lid.

Both models offer a range of advanced technologies, while the management is even more intuitive due to the new displays and the MMI system management concept. Among the most advanced technical solutions for the new A4 are Audi's virtual display, Audi's matrix LED headlights, Audi's smartphone interface, Bang & Olufsen's 3D audio system, Audi's wireless charging drawer, display projection system, new assistance Audi connect systems and services.

Breathtaking displays: Audi's virtual display and MMI system
There are two innovations in the spotlight. As an accessory, Audi's virtual display is available, a fully digital combo instrument that displays the most important information graphically and in great detail on a high-resolution 12,3-inch LCD screen, using complexly generated effects.

The new MMI control unit in the center console also serves as the main control element. With the most powerful multimedia system, MMI navigation plus with MMI touch and a large 8,3-inch screen, the touch-sensitive surface (so-called touchpad) is integrated into the rotary-pressure controller. Allows you to change the display scale and enter characters. The whole logic of MMI system management is inspired by the latest smartphones, which also applies to intelligent search by entering any text. The new voice control system also processes entries from everyday language use, for example: "I would like to make a phone call with Peter Novak."

Exceptional process power
Central to MMI navigation plus is the processing power of the second-generation modular infotainment system (MIB), with which Audi can integrate innovations in usable electronics into vehicles in the shortest possible time. If the customer chooses MMI navigation plus, the vehicle always has an Audi connect module installed as hardware, which connects the new A4 and A4 Avant to the Internet via an extremely fast LTE network. Passengers can use their portable devices to browse the Internet via the WLAN access point and send or receive e-mail, and the driver can use individualized Audi connect online services.

A novelty in the offer is Audi's interface for smartphones, which integrates mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems into a specially developed environment - in Audi's MMI system. Audi's phone drawer connects smartphones to an external antenna and allows induction charging in accordance with the Qi standard. The Bang & Olufsen audio system with new 3D sound is available to customers who especially appreciate superior sound quality (height is also included as the third dimension of sound). And another novelty: Audi's license plate, which can perform the function of the RSE system (Rear Seat Entertainment).

Powerful 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines
The new A4 and the new A4 Avant will be available in Germany at the time of launch with seven powertrains: three TFSI engines and four TDI engines. Their power has increased significantly and ranges from 110 kW (150 hp) to 200 kW (272 hp). At the same time, fuel consumption was reduced by up to 21 percent. The A4 2.0 TDI ultra consumes only 100 liters of diesel per 3,7 kilometers, and CO2 emissions are 95 g / km (Avant: 3,8 l / 100 km and 99 g / km). All powertrains combine high efficiency with sporty power development and super-smooth running. This is especially true for both 3,0-liter 6-cylinder TDI engines.

In the case of petrol engines, the new Audi A4 represents a revolutionary innovation: the 2.0 TFSI ultra engine with 140 kW (190 hp) has a completely new combustion process, which makes it extremely efficient: CO2 emissions are only 109 g / km (Avant: 114 g / km) and fuel consumption 4,8 l / 100 km (5,0 l / 100 km). Later, the g-tron model will also be available, which uses natural gas or. Audi e-gas obtained in accordance with sustainability principles.

With tronic, tiptronic and manual transmission
The drivetrain and chassis of the new Audi A4 and the new Audi A4 Avant have been completely redeveloped. The 6-speed manual transmission, the 7-speed S tronic - now also available for front-wheel drive versions - and the 8-speed tiptronic have a new design, with automatic transmissions equipped with a idle function that reduces fuel consumption. The torque distribution function on the individual wheels complements the operation of the front-wheel drive and quattro drive,
for the most powerful TDI engine, Audi will offer a sports differential for the rear axle in 2016 as an accessory.

Driving dynamics
Among other things, the new A4 differs greatly from its predecessor in terms of driving characteristics. These are, on the one hand, sporty and performance-oriented, and on the other hand, the emphasis is also on comfort. The chassis and steering system ensure that unevenness on the road is detectable to a minimum, while information such as the application of lateral forces and maintaining direction is transmitted to the driver. The basis for this performance improvement is the new five-link axles and electromechanical power steering - all of which are extremely light.

They lay the foundations for dynamic driving characteristics and superior driving comfort, while also reducing fuel consumption. Dynamic steering is available as an option, in which the transmission of the steering force varies depending on the driving speed and the steering angle. In addition, the range of accessories also includes two chassis versions with damping adjustment: for the first time, the driver can choose between two body positions - sporty and comfortable. Both chassis versions are only available in combination with the Audi drive select driving dynamics control system, which is standard from 140 kW (190 hp) onwards.

Greater choice than any competitor: assistance and safety systems
The new A4 and the new A4 Avant with a number of assistance systems set the benchmark in their class. Predictive efficiency assistance helps the driver save fuel, Audi active lane assist helps keep the lane in direction, and adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go and congestion relief relieves him in heavy traffic. The special feature of congestion assistance is its management strategy. It takes into account a number of parameters, including the boundary line and the front-facing convoy of vehicles. The automatic parking system, rear cross-traffic assistance, exit warning, obstacle assistance, left-turn assistance and Audi pre sense systems are innovations that make a significant contribution to greater safety. The offer also includes camera-supported recognition of traffic signs.

Both new A4 models will go on sale in Germany and other European countries from autumn 2015 onwards. The standard equipment is even richer compared to its predecessors. It includes, among other things, xenon headlights, keyless go, Bluetooth interface, Audi drive select (from 140 kW / 190 hp onwards) and a 7-inch color display of the MMI system.

New Audi A4 and Audi A4 Avant

Exterior design and bodywork
- Sporty proportions and sporty elegance, Avant with low
- Length 4,73 m, wheelbase 2,82 m, width 1,84 m, height 1,43 m
- Optional: LED headlights and matrix LED headlights with dynamic turn signals
- Lightweight body: up to 15 kg less than its predecessor
- Lowest drag coefficient in the class: 0,23 for the sedan, 0,26 for the Avant; aeroacoustics ensures a low noise level in the passenger compartment

- Longer interior than any competitor, maximum width at shoulder height
- Avant with a 505-liter boot volume
- Avant with electric luggage roll as standard
- Interior design with large decorative elements and a belt of ventilation nozzles that extends over the entire dashboard; new colors and materials, a feeling of great spaciousness, internal LED lights as standard, top quality workmanship
- The offer of seats made according to the principle of light construction is greater than that of any competitor
- Automatic air conditioning with new control unit
- Optional: packages of indoor LED lights with color-adjustable ambient lighting
- A new concept of performances (sport and design), for the first time with a different appearance of the exterior

- Optional: display projection system and Audi's virtual display
- A completely new concept of MMI system management with input search
of any text
- Also control the multifunction steering wheel and voice commands derived from
everyday use of language

Multimedia systems and Audi connect
- Optional: the most powerful multimedia system MMI navigation plus with MMI touch, 8,3-inch screen MMI system, Audi connect services, data transfer via LTE network and WLAN access point; for an additional charge, an Audi induction phone compartment can also be ordered
- Numerous new Audi connect services, including remote control via a smartphone application (vehicle status management and verification)
- Audi smartphone interface (allows connection to smartphones
with iOS and Android operating systems)
- Bang & Olufsen audio system with innovative 3D sound and Audi tablet as RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) portable system

- At the start of sales, three TFSI engines and four TDI engines, power range from 110 kW (150 hp) to 200 kW (272 hp), up to 25 percent more power
- Reduced fuel consumption by up to 21 percent, Audi A4 2.0 TDI ultra with a new best value: only 3,7 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers (CO2 emissions 95 g / km)
- High-efficiency 3.0 TDI engine in two different power versions
- Economical 1.4 TFSI engine with a consumption of 4,9 l / 100 km (CO2 emissions 114 g / km)
- The new 2.0 kW 140 TFSI ultra engine has a new combustion process and consumes only 4,8 l / 100 km (CO2 emissions 109 g / km)
- A4 Avant g-tron can be powered by Audi's e-gas, which is produced in accordance with the principles of sustainability

Power transmission
- New generation of S tronic and tiptronic transmissions and manual transmission; The S tronic is available for the first time on the A4 in combination with front-wheel drive; both automatic transmissions have a idle function
- Torque distribution function on individual wheels for both front-wheel drive and quattro drive

- New, lightweight five-link wheel suspensions on the front and rear axles; significantly greater comfort and at the same time emphasized sportiness
- New electromechanical power steering, optionally with dynamic steering
- Audi drive select dynamics control system from 140 kW (190 hp) onwards as standard; suspension with damping adjustment available as an accessory

Assistance systems and comprehensive safety
- Adaptive cruise control system with Stop & Go function and congestion assistance (provides heavy traffic support)
- Predictive efficiency assistance (helps to further reduce fuel consumption)
- Audi active lane assist in Audi side assist
- New: parking system with automatic control, rear cross-traffic assistance, exit warning, left-hand traffic assistance, obstacle assistance and camera-assisted traffic sign recognition
- New safety systems: audi pre sense city, basic and rear

Audi Avant A4
Audi's Avant models have been celebrating increasing success for more than two decades. The combination of attractive design and excellent functionality gives them a special place in the circle of competitors. The new A4 Avant * wants to further consolidate its position - with more spaciousness and more pronounced elegance. The maximum boot volume is 1.510 liters (with the rear seat backrest folded down). The backrest of the rear seats is divisible in a ratio of 40: 20: 40, and it can be easily folded down with levers on the sides of the trunk.

The basic boot volume in the Audi A4 Avant is 505 liters, which is 15 liters more than its predecessor. The lower edge of the boot is only 63 cm high, and the standard stainless steel protective strip protects it from scratches. The loading width measures exactly one meter. Because the trunk has the shape of a square, it boasts exceptional usability. Partition netting and roof rails are standard, which also applies to the electric luggage roll. The latter is automatically raised along the guides in the D-pillars when the boot lid is opened, and lowered again when the boot lid is closed - this always ensures good visibility through the rear window.

Even greater functionality: boot protection pad and mounting kit
Many other practical solutions are available as accessories for the new A4 and the new A4 Avant. In several ways, the foldable boot liner allows for any partition of the luggage compartment, while protecting the bottom of the boot from dirt. The storage and luggage package includes nets, elastic bands and a guide system, with which the luggage compartment can be further adapted to a wide variety of needs. There is also a mounting kit (telescopic pole, belts and movable mounting rings), which the driver can store in a drawer in the luggage compartment. The towing eye lock is released automatically when the button is pressed; new Audi A4
and the Audi A4 Avant can tow up to 2.100 kg (uphill up to 8 percent).

As an option, the trunk lid opening system is available for the A4 and A4 Avant with gestures: the approach sensor in the rear bumper detects foot movement and the lid unlocks and opens automatically - provided, of course, that the right car key is detected. The A4 Avant also offers an electric boot lid, which can also be closed with gestures.

Control is also provided by the buttons built into the boot - one can only close the boot lid and the other can lock the vehicle. In addition, the driver can also close the boot lid with a button in the door or by long pressing the button on the comfort key. The new A4 and the new A4 Avant are equipped as standard with a radio key and a start-stop button to start the engine. A comfort key is available as an option, which allows access to the vehicle without a key (keyless entry).

More than 40 years of bestseller
The A4 Series and its predecessor, the Audi 80, have been heralds of new technologies and born winners for decades. Already with the first Audi 80 from 1972, the four-wheel drive brand set new standards in terms of light construction, performance and dynamics. By 1994/95, four generations had lined up, then the Audi 80 said goodbye and the Audi A4 * arrived. In March 2011, he drove five million A4 cars out of the factory, and in the autumn the brand celebrated another production jubilee - a ten millionth car was built in
B-segment since 1972.

Audi has been producing the A4 Series since 1994 at its factory in Ingolstadt. With a so-called production exchange, it was joined in 2007 as a second production site by a factory in Neckarsulm. Audi's long-standing bestsellers have always played a leading role in the brand - and not just in terms of sales numbers. In 43 years, they have been harbingers of great innovation. The quattro drive with self-locking center differential, fully galvanized body, S tronic transmission and sports differential confirm time and time again that there is an advantage in technology. Also in motorsport, the A4 models have achieved top form. The series includes the legendary rally cars - Audi Rallye quattro and Audi Sport quattro - and the top race cars that have been celebrated on circular racetracks - Audi 90 IMSA GTO, A4 quattro Supertouring and A4 DTM.
The pre-sale of both versions of the A4 model in Slovenia will begin in October, and the official sale of the vehicle will begin in December 2015.

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