Envious Hamilton: Alonso would have scored more

Author of the article: , published on October 27, 2013.


Fernando Alonso would score even more behind the wheel of Red Bull than Sebastian Vettel. At least that's what Lewis Hamilton claims. “It would be too complacent to say that he himself would have won four titles behind the wheel of Vettl’s Red Bull. But it is clear that if Alonso were sitting in this car, he would have achieved much more than Vettel has done so far. I could easily have won even more titles, ”Hamilton told the Spanish AS, whose statements were attributed to envy by Adrian Newey, the designer of the winning Red Bull race cars.

Niki Lauda, ​​Mercedes' non-executive director, also disagrees with Hamilton. “If God mixed up a cocktail of the racer’s best qualities, we would get Sebastian Vettl,” he told Auto Bild.

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