Hayden also expressed his enthusiasm for Marquez

Nicky Hayden
Author of the article: , published March 21, 2013.


American royal class racer Nicky Hayden expressed strong enthusiasm for newcomer to the motoGP class Marco Marquez. The young Spaniard impressed him the most with his extremely quick adaptation to the new racing class.
At the end of the week, representatives of the elite class have another opportunity to test motorcycles. Although Haydn will not be among them due to his recovery from injury, he is not talking about his rehabilitation, but is enthusiastic about Marco Marquez's performances.


As he tells Americans, young Marquez has gotten used to the new class much faster than you would expect. He also says that with a ride like the one he has shown so far, he has a lot of chances for the title of world champion this year.

He also sees Marquez as a serious threat to the best. “He will be a first-class diversification of the elite class. He races at full strength and is hungry for success. If he stays healthy, he can shuffle the cards at the top well this season. So far he has made a great impression on me, he is very fast and has a special racing style. I believe he can change the game of motoGP, ”added the Ducati racer.

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