National champion Humar tested the new car for the first time

Author of the article: , published March 24, 2015.

The national rally champion Aleks Humar has finished the preparation of the new Renault Clio R3T race car, and the first appearance of the best Slovenian rally driver is waiting for this weekend in Austria. The main focus of this season is on the very strong Italian Clio R3T Cup.Humar_2015_test_7

Aleks Humar, the national rally champion, finished his new renault clio R3T car after several months of work and also passed the first serious testing with it. A real test of the race car, in which Humar will be accompanied by co-driver Florjan Rus this year as well, is waiting for an experienced racer from Idrija this weekend. The Slovenians will take part in the Rebenland Rally, the test of the Austrian National Championship and the Mitropa Cup near the Slovenian-Austrian state border in Styria, and then their attention will turn to the Italian part of the Renault Clio R3T International Cup.
Humar has chosen one of the strongest competition environments for this season, which is betting on a new Renault Sport product. Luca Rossetti (former European rally champion), Giacomo Scattollon (last year's Italian junior rally champion), Ivan Ferraroti and Fabrizio Andolfi, who topped the Renault Clio Cup last year with our western neighbors, will also drive at selected asphalt rallies in Italy. . The Slovenian national champions had to miss the introductory Ciocco rally, so in April they are going to one of the greatest Italian classics - the legendary San Remo rally.

“The first test kilometers are definitely encouraging. Compared to last year’s Clio, which had an atmospheric engine, it has a new turbocharged engine. This significantly affects the way you drive. Gears must be shifted at significantly lower engine speeds, which means at least about two thousand revolutions lower. I still have to get used to it. Now I turn the engine too high. I'm a little bothered by the longer stroke of the steering wheel, which is therefore less direct and responsive. Because the car is a bit quieter, I don't have a real sense of speed on my own yet. But when you start braking, you can clearly see how fast you actually are. Rally Rebenland will be a more serious testing option for us, where we will try to test the car as best we can and prepare well for the continuation of the season, ”said Aleks Humar after the testing.

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