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Author of the article: , published September 12, 2013.

The 3rd drift event in Serbia took place on Sunday. This time, the “Serbian Drift Championship” opened its doors to all drift enthusiasts in the city of Čačak. Four representatives of Slovenia also took part in the race. In the qualifications, Uroš Berdajs proved to be the best of us, winning 2nd qualifying place in his attractive BMW M3 compact. Miha Šuštaršič with the BMW M4 V3 took the 8th qualifying place. Dejan Fakuč in the BMW 8i and Benjamin Čemas in the mighty BMW e9 M325 V36 took excellent 3th and 8th qualifying places. After an entire afternoon of turning tires into smoke and loud
the roar of engines came to an end in the gloomy Čačak drift challenge. All our representatives ranked excellently in the top 10 racers. Uroš Berdajs reached 3rd place, followed by Miha Šuštaršič in 4th place. Dejan Fakuč and Benjamin Čemas, as in the qualifications, took 8th and 9th place. Great achievements of a fun afternoon.

The final results were:
1. Todor Dunev 110
2. Marko Brkljacic 80
3. Uros Berdays 60
4. Miha Sustarsic 40
5. Goran Simic 30
6. Zoran Savic 30
7. Dario Skoko 30
8. Dejan Fakuc 30
9. Benjamin Cemas 20
10. Igor Stevanovic 20
11. Aleksandar Djurica 20
12. Goran Cvetic 20
13. Goran Sorak 20
14. Peter Cardos 20
15. Nebojsa Petosevic 20
16. Sava Vidakovic 20
17. Goran Burmudzija 10
18. Sinisa Baracanin 10
19. Mirko Banovic 10
20. Iva Rusinova 10
21. Aleksandar Bajic 10
22. Milica Tikic 10
23. Miljan Stanisic 10
24. Dejan Susic 10

(right numbers represent points scored after the competition is over)

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