Best starting position for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
Author of the article: , published April 13, 2013


The Chinese qualifiers were expected to start at XNUMX a.m., but the racers were also expected to save heavily on tires. Due to the saving of black gold, we did not see almost any events in the first eight minutes, and then the racers started preparing. Nine minutes after the start, he was the first to drive Vergne on the track, who had just been told by radio that most of them would probably only make one quick lap. Immediately after Vergno, Ricciardo, Pic, Bianchi, van der Garde, Chilton and others also drove onto the track.

Bianchi was the first to arrive by the time, of course the time is not worth mentioning, as the racers of the better teams also drove onto the track. We soon saw faster racers on the track, where Hamilton was very fast, and Massa, Webber, Alonso and Vettel also came close. The gap between the racers is not large, but we are more interested in the last six than in the top part of the qualifications.

Three minutes before the end, Pic, Van der Garde, Chilton, Vergne, Ricciardo and Bianchi were out of progress in Q2. Of course, the racers made a few more laps in the background, so Vergne came in at fifteen just before the end and Ricciardo at eleven. Pic, Van der Gerde, Chilton, Bianchi, Gutierrez and Bottas dropped out of the box.


Sebastien Vettel was the first to start the second part of the qualifications with softer tires. The German was soon joined by his teammate Mark Webber, and Sutil and Vergne also drove on the track, followed by Alonso and Massa, and so on. After the first five minutes, Vettel and Webber topped the time ladder, but were soon overtaken by Alonso, with Massa just behind Vettl. The fight for the top has apparently already begun, but as in the first part, the second part of the qualifications is mainly about the placement in the next part of the qualifications.

Interestingly, not everyone drove to the track eight minutes before the end, but we saw Webber's "strange" resignation. The Australian parked his Red Bull, and the team told him to save fuel, maybe he ran out of fuel? Either way, the qualifiers continued, and four minutes before the end, Maldonado, Vergne, Perez, Sutil, Ricciardo, and Grosjean were out of the top ten without time.

Two minutes before the end, almost everyone was on the track, but except for the leading three, they were somehow calm in the pits. Right on the edge, in tenth place was Button, who was ousted by Vergne in eleventh time, the Englishman fell lower because of Maldonado, and Ricciardo came in fifth place. In the end, Vergne, Maldonado, Webber, Sutil, Perez and di Resta remained out of the top ten.


Sebastian Vettel was the first to drive into the last part of the qualifications, but he stopped it just at the end of the fast lap and drove back to the pits. There was silence on the Chinese track, which was interrupted by Rosberg only two and a half minutes before the end, and was immediately followed by everyone else. Thus began the fulfillment of the prediction that we would see only one quick lap for the last part. Interestingly, Vettel and Button chose harder tires and everyone else softer ones. The latter will not last many laps, maybe only up to ten, so the choice of harder is a more tactical choice for the race.

In the first sector, Raikkonen drove the fastest, both Ferraris were slightly behind, and then came Rosberg, who drove faster than anyone. After the passage of time, the first place was taken by Raikkonen, but before him came Hamilton, the third place was taken by Alonso, the fourth by Rosberg, the fifth by Massa, and the tenth by Grosjean, Ricciardo, Button, Vettel and Hulkenberg. Sebastian also made a mistake in the fast lap and drove off the track, causing him to drive directly into the pits at the end of the fast lap.

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