Nico should be on the podium

Author of the article: , published March 24, 2013.


Lewis Hamilton generously explained after winning third place in the race for the Malaysian Grand Prix that Nico Rosberg deserved that third place more today. Hamilton tried to chase the Red Bull racer in the middle of the race, consuming so much more fuel that Mercedes feared he would run out of it by the end of the race. The Briton therefore had to save fuel in the last part, but his teammate Nico Rosberg caught him and only orders from the team prevented him from overtaking the Briton and taking third place.

“The team turned out great,” Hamilton explained. “It’s nice to stand on the podium for the winners. To be honest, Nico would deserve to be here more. He was even faster than me in the race, but he is a great teammate.
I can't say it's a nice feeling to stand here, but racing is racing. ”

The champion from the 2008 season, however, turned his attention from team commands to his mistake, when he drove straight to the garage of his former McLaren team on the first stop. “I found out Jenson,” he said, referring to a similar Button mistake at the 2011 Chinese Grand Prix. “That happened to him a few years ago. I stopped at McLaren garages for so many years that I didn’t even realize I had made a mistake. I apologize to the team for this failure. ”

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