27 Slovenian crews at the Lavanttal rally

Author of the article: , published March 30, 2013.


At this year's Lavanttal Rally, which will take place between 12 and 13 April, as many as 103 Slovenian crews are among the 27 entries. Rajko Žakelj and Asja Zupanc are certainly among the main favorites in the Slovenian national championship in the competition of thirty teams, and Jani Trček and Mitja Klemenčič will also be dangerous. The locals Beppo Harrach and the seven-time winner of the Lavanttal Rally, Raimund Baumschlager, will most likely fight for a joint victory.

On the Slovenian scene, we are witnessing many changes of racing cars. Rok Turk finally replaced Citroen with Peugeot 208 R2, Martin Mlinar replaced Yuga with MG Zr 1.4, and Rok Jerkič, who will compete with Škoda Felicia this year, also gave up Yugo. Franci Božič will drive one of the remaining three Yugos in Austria, as his Fiat Panda is not ready yet.

Before the new season, there were also changes between the crews. Janez Bogataj will be sitting next to Jure Jereb on Lavanttal, and Kristjan Prelaz will read the notes to Franc Božič, as Rok Jerkič has replaced him with Anja Verbič. Grega Oluič will perform for the first time with Robert Markič, and Ervin Malavašič will drive at the behest of Tjaša Likar.


List of entries for the Lavanttal Rally 2013:


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