So far, only 18 Slovenians are on Lavanttal

Author of the article: , published March 24, 2014.

The Lavanttal Rally will also mark the beginning of the Slovenian National Rally Championship this year. Both we and the spectators are saddened by the fact that so far only 18 Slovenian crews have registered for it, while last year there were 28. Despite the reduced number of participants in the first of seven rallies this season, we expect this number to increase if not before, at five domestic events.

Also this year, the big favorite of the season is Aleks Humar with a Renault Clio R3, who pulled his car well after the winter sleep at the Rebenland Rally, which was considered the Mitropa Cup. There was also Asja Zupanc with a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX, who will be the only Slovenian participant in the all-wheel drive car at the Lavanttal Rally.

Rok Turk, Alan Pajk, Aleš Zrinski, Tim Novak, Grega Premrl, Andrej Velkavrh, Martin Mlinar, Jan Mrak, Klemen Popit will also collect points for the Slovenian Championship in two weeks in Austria (according to the list of entries on , Matej Požar, Jure Jereb, Franci Božič, Matjaž Mihevc, Robert Markič, Simon Mlinar and Tilen Holynski.

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