MotoGP will not change

Author of the article: , published April 1, 2024

The owners of the MotoGP championship are reassuring spectators and insist that their popular sport will not change.

Liberty Media has taken over the majority share of Dorna, the owner of the MotoGP, MotoE and WorldSBK championships, although we reported this a few days ago, and the official confirmation came today. The news was met with mixed feelings by MotoGP fans, one of the first things most thought was that the motorcycle championship would become too similar to Formula One, which has been owned by Liberty Media since 2016.

But the owners promise that the championship will still be run separately from F1, and that they are not planning any major changes for now.

"Growing audience and increasing revenue go hand-in-hand, although there is a false belief that these two aspects are at odds," said Liberty Media CEO, Greg Maffei. “With F1, we saw that it was easier to generate revenue by growing our audience, as the sport became more interesting to our partners, promoters and sponsors. With the increase in attractions, appeal and increasing demand, the audience grew, and the increase in audience attracted everything else in its wake. If we did it with Formula One, then I believe we can do it with MotoGP too. It's a great product, with a huge fan base and an incredible level of competition and excitement that we don't intend to change. Our goal is to bring this sport closer to a wider audience and a larger set of commercial partners of all tastes."

Formula 1 has added a number of street races to the racing calendar in recent years, but Dorna sporting director Carlos Ezpeleta insists MotoGP will not go down that route as such races are impossible to run on street tracks.

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