MotoGP: Where is Gaber Keržišnik?

Author of the article: , published March 25, 2023.

The viewers of the Slovenian MotoGP broadcasts on Kanal A were surprised by the change in the commentary booth, from which the famous Gaber Keržišnik said goodbye this year, his place was taken by David Stropnik, and the expert commentator Boštjan Skubic was replaced by Peter Kavčič.

David Stropnik and Peter Kavčič are the new MotoGP commentators on Kanal A
David Stropnik and Peter Kavčič take over the commentary booth of the MotoGP broadcasts on Kanal A. (photo:

Although Gaber and Skuba did not participate in the broadcast from Portugal, it could be seen from the profiles on social networks that they still traveled to Portimao and followed the events from the press center, but according to Keržišnik, they will not participate in the preparation of the broadcasts.

"You can't believe what people throw in the trash," Keržišnik wrote on his Instagram profile a few days ago. "Otherwise retired, but still quite useful TV commentators on their way to the first race of the season in Portimao" and at the end he added: "MotoGP is not a business, MotoGP is a way of life! Squatting at home is for old mothers!”

We asked ProPlus for an explanation as to why the change took place, but we have not yet received an answer by the time of publication.

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I look
1 year ago

The patient should be immediately sent to speech exercises, as well as to a speech therapist. Affected hoarse screaming in high frequencies and unintelligible mumbling in low frequencies is unacceptable and very disturbing. The co-commentator is significantly better and more responsive. I wouldn't comment on the content yet, let's give them a few more training races.

1 year ago
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Miro, I totally agree with your comment and I'm glad that someone else has found the same thing as me. I immediately got the feeling that Stropnik wants to imitate Miran Ališič, because under normal circumstances he certainly doesn't "shriek" like that.