Morbidelli: Having the same motorcycle as Rossi means an advantage for both

Author of the article: , published January 30, 2019.
In the new season, Franco Morbidelli will use a very similar specification of the Yamaha motorcycle, which will also be available to his mentor Valentino Rossi. As he said this will be very welcome for both.
The Moto 2 world champion of the 2017 season and last season’s best rookie of the MotoGP class joined the newly formed Petronas SRT team after the end of the season, which became the Yamaha satellite team. In the new season, he will use the latest Yamaha motorcycle as well as factory racers Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. This is otherwise in contrast to previous seasons, when now their former satellite team Tech 3 used an older version.

This will allow the exchange of information between the two racers, which Morbidelli believes will be very beneficial for both. This is what gives him additional information.

“It will be beneficial for both of us,” the XNUMX-year-old Italian said at a motorcycle presentation on Monday.

"It simply came to our notice then. In this way, they can exchange information and feelings with each other, which will help him and me. Of course, sitting on the same motorcycle is an additional motivation in the desire to beat him and everyone else. That is our goal, we will strive for it. "
Morbidelli surprised in both previous tests, both in Valencia and Jerez, where he finished in sixth place. After testing, he also praised the M1 motorcycle, which is said to be very race-friendly. At the same time, he always had the feeling that he could squeeze even more out of himself and the motorcycle.
“You also install a new tire on a motorcycle and find that you have some spare parts on the worn one and you could squeeze even more out of it. I want to achieve that when I change the tire, I will be aware that I have reached my maximum in the previous attempt. The motorcycle provides a very good grip from the very beginning. I really feel very good on it. ”

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