Morbidelli accepted the blame for the collision with Vinales

Author of the article: , published April 1, 2019

Franco Morbidelli accepted the blame for the collision with Maverick Vinales, which left them both without a place.

The Yamaha racer tried to overtake Danilo Petrucci in seventh place in the seventh turn when Morbidelli crashed into him from behind. Both riders ended the race prematurely with a fall, while Petrucci managed to avoid it. Morbidelli admitted after the race that he made the mistake due to the excessive speed with which he came into the turn, which was due to the wind of the racers in front of him.

“In the last laps, I drove at full speed in the desire to reach at least sixth place. I didn’t want to overtake anyone in that turn, the excessive speed was due to the double breeze. Vinales, when overtaken by Petrucci, drove slightly from the ideal line and braked a little harder. My speed and his braking didn't go well together this time. ”

Despite Vinales being an innocent fall victim, he himself described it as a purely racing incident.

“As I saw from the footage, it was a completely racing incident. Unfortunately, such things sometimes happen. It was the last round and we were all trying to gain something. It's racing, maybe I'll do something like that someday, but it's always a racing accident, certainly nothing intentional or rude. ”

Despite the fall, however, the main topic of conversation was about him, again a very modest performance in a race where he didn’t have the rhythm to be able to fight for the top spots, despite a good performance in the qualifiers. He couldn't even explain it himself.

“I had a similar rhythm in the warm-up as Marquez, but I lost 1,5 seconds in the race compared to that. We still can't explain it. It’s not about forgetting how fast to ride a motorcycle in a race. It will take a lot of work to prevent something like this from happening again in Austin. ”

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