Montagny revealed a positive doping test

Author of the article: , published January 1, 2015.

Former Formula One racer Franck Montagny has revealed he expects a penalty after failing a doping test after a Formula E race in Malaysia.

Montagny competed in seven races with the Super Aguri team in 2006, and this year he races in a new series of electric race cars where he won second place in the first race in China and fifteenth in Malaysia, where he tested positive for cocaine. He missed the race in Uruguay, officially due to health problems, and has now also revealed those problems to a French newspaper.

“At the end of the race, I saw men waiting for me,” he said. “I immediately became aware of myself. I knew it was over. I sat on the plane. I went home and shut myself up between four walls. Then I called my parents and told them. I was ashamed, ”explained Montagny, who is automatically disqualified from the Malaysian race according to the rules of the International Automobile Federation FIA.

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