MICK SCHUMACHER wins FORMULA 2 title - DARUVALI race victory

Author of the article: , published on December 6, 2020.

Mick Schumacher won the title of champion Formula 2 season 2020. And although he had quite a few strong brakes and an unplanned stop in the pits, which was enough just to 18. place. Luckily, his only rival did no better Callum Ilottu, who finished in tenth place but no more points.

He won the race, and his first Jehan daruvala from the team Carlin. The Indian was faster than his teammate Yuki Tsunodaand won the last podium Dan Tikctum from the DAMS team.

Jehan Daruvala took his first victory in the last race of the 2020 season.

The course of the race

The start of the race belonged To Ticktum, which started from the first place, Schumacher however, he advanced from the third to the second after overtaking It was a gift. But in pan 4 it is Schumacher braked too hard and fell to third place again. At the beginning of the second round, they met ilott in Schumacher she fought for the first time, she was better taken by the racer of the Prema team. For To the Ilots but they knocked loudly Schwartzman, Zhou, Drugovich in Armstrong.

All braking error in the first lap she took revenge on Schumacher’s race car. The German announced very early in the pits that he had a so-called Flat Spot. Nevertheless, he remained on the track, even moving away from in the meantime Ilotta and started pressing on It was a gift, which he overtook again in the fourth round. But then they revealed themselves Schumacher's tire problems. She gave regained second place, Schumacher however, he braked too hard a few more times and found himself under strong pressure Ilotta, who only found his way past the German in the 129th lap.

It's behind it Schumacher lost places and 15 rounds before the end turned to change wheels. ilott he had an ever-increasing hole to the first two at this point, and from behind he was under increasing pressure from Shwartzman. But the decision has not yet been made, because at the top they fought fiercely Ticket in She gave. But he had ilott at that moment his tires were already so destroyed that he could not find a connection to the top.

V 25th round is She gave swung to first place and drifted further and further away To Ticktum. In the meantime, it is Ilotta overtook tsunoda, and soon after, they overtook him again Zhou in Schwartzman. It's in the final rounds ilott lost a few more places, finishing the race out of points in tenth place.

Jehan daruvala si is in the last race of the season Formula 2 brought his first victory, before Tsunodo in Ticktum, who lost second place in the last turn. They were also among the winners of points Zhou, Shwartzman, Alesi, Ghiotto in Drugovich.

Ker ilott did not score any points, it was 18. place enough that you are Schumacher provide the title of champion. For the son Michael Schumacher it is after the title of champion Formula 3 in 2018 his second career title before heading to the next year Formula 1 to the team Haas.      

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