Michael Schumacher continues for Mercedes-Benz

Michael Schumacher
Author of the article: , published April 11, 2013

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has indeed ended his career as a Formula One racer, but despite his retirement, he does not want to give up the development of motoring. The German thus remains with Mercedes, where he will develop both racing and road cars, and will focus primarily on safety and comfort. Michael said: “I am more interested in the future than in the past. So I’m not looking at my successes in Formula One, I also don’t want to fall asleep on my laurels, but I want to do something in the future as well.

I decided to work with Mercedes, where I will work mainly on car safety. I want to transfer technology to cars so that people can drive safer with the help of electronic aids. ”The so-called Mercedes-Benz ambassador will therefore help make Mercedes vehicles of the future safer with the help of electronics. Of course, the cooperation was also welcomed from Mercedes, where Joachim Schmidt said with enthusiasm: “We are proud that Michael Schumacher stays with us. He is the most successful racer ever, he started and finished his career with us, so it is logical that we somehow continue this in a partnership, where he will help us develop aids for safer driving. "

Finally, Schumacher will take on a new role only on May XNUMX, in addition to Dieter Zetsche, and he said at the end: “I will be happy to work with the company in which they made the first car in the future. I hope that together we will take decisive steps regarding road safety. "

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