Mercedes can beat Red Bull

Author of the article: , published on December 24, 2013.

Sebastian Vettel said last week that in the new season, he expects wealthier teams such as Mercedes and Ferrari to fight hard for the title, which should allow them to change the rules in the field of engines and aerodynamics. Lewis Hamilton, however, hopes his Mercedes team will succeed as well.

“If it was just the evolution of this year’s race car, it would be hard to beat Red Bull because they were so far ahead,” Hamilton noted. "I'm happy that everything is being put in the starting position, otherwise Red Bull could have won five, six or seven titles."

The champion from the 2008 season, however, is not worried that the race cars would be harder to drive next season. “This does not worry me, as I have already raced this year as I will next season. We will still have to watch our tires. We may need to save more fuel, but we do it anyway. We will taste everything in simulators at first and we will have to adapt to some things. The transition to using the KERS system in the 2009 season was not difficult. We tested it in a simulator, so we arrived at the first race with the best KERS package, which gave us an advantage over our competitors. Only the car was not good enough. Next year, I hope we will be good in all areas, ”added the former McLaren racer.

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