Mercedes and RBR achieve tire change?

Author of the article: , published March 25, 2013.

The Mercedes and Red Bull Racing teams have been putting pressure on Italian tiremaker Pirelli in recent days and even demanding that he return last year's tire mixes to use, as this year's ones are expected to perform worse on the best race cars than on the others. Dr. Helmut Marko, a consultant for the Red Bull team, has now stated that Pirelli has promised to change the tire mixture before the Bahrain GP next month. “They hinted they were going to change the mixes,” Mercedes ’Toto Wolff said. “In all likelihood to Bahrain, perhaps sooner,” he added.

"We have to order our racers to drive through the fastest parts more slowly than they could, because the tires are otherwise too loaded," Marko revealed. “Of course we therefore had to talk to Pirelli. I think they realized what the situation was and promised us that new mixtures would be available in Bahrain at the latest, ”he added.

Officially, however, Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s sports director, insists that the tire mixes will change in the middle of the season only if all teams so request. “We have no intention of doing that,” he said. ”


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