Mercedes: Ferrari is our biggest competitor

Author of the article: , published on May 9, 2014.

At Mercedes, they say that their biggest competitor in the fight for this year's world title is the Ferrari team. The Italian team managed to finish only once in the top three in the first four races of this season, and are currently in fifth place in the constructors' standings, more than a hundred points behind Mercedes.

The head of the Silver Arrows, however, believes that it is in Maranello that they are able to develop the car quickly and well, so he expects them to become a tough competitor with Fernando Alons at the helm.

“I think Ferrari will resist us the best,” he said. “They are the only team other than us that makes the car and the powertrain itself. But I expect Alonso to be a real racing monster who can achieve anything. ”

Wolff expects Mercedes cars to be much less dominant in Spain. “I am not afraid of this race, but we will approach it with respect. Catalonia will show how good our race car actually is, as it is a track that is better suited to race cars than they have at Red Bull.

We all expect the differences to narrow. Look at the Red Bull form on the first tests and where they are now. They made incredible progress, and Ferrari also showed good form. So nothing has been decided yet. ”

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