Mercedes dissatisfied with revealing culprits for Ferrari investigation

Author of the article: , published on May 29, 2018.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has expressed dissatisfaction with the move by the FIA, which has revealed the names of two members of his team who launched a thorough investigation into the Ferrari team.

The FIA ​​took a closer look at the Ferrari team's hybrid set before the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as they received notice of suspicion of possible fraud. The investigation, which lasted until the Monaco GP and included a detailed inspection of Ferrari cars and additional measuring devices, revealed that the red car do not help with an unauthorized amount of extra propulsion power from the hybrid assembly. The results were announced by Chief Technical Delegate Charlie Whiting, who also revealed he expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Mercedes did not take advantage of the legal possibility of a formal protest, but passed on their suspicions to the German media.

Whiting also explained that former members of the Ferrari team, James Allison and Lorenzo Sassi, had pointed out the possible fraud, which is controversial for Wolff. The Austrian believes that the FIA ​​should be less specific in such cases and should only publish the name of the team that inquired about the legality of the car from another team. “One of my tasks on the team is to protect my employees, so it’s annoying if individuals are named in the wrong context,” said Wolff, who says the FIA ​​threw a Mercedes member under the wheels of the bus.

But Whiting responds to the accusations that the names of the said team members have already appeared in the media before, and that he himself has only confirmed what was already publicly known.

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