Mercedes closer to solving tire problems

Author of the article: , published on May 5, 2013.

Ross Brawn says that Mercedes has made progress in the field of tire problems, but these will not be completely resolved at the Spanish GP next weekend. “We focused on two key areas. We have completed the preparation of an update package for Spain, and tried to understand why we lacked speed compared to other teams in Bahrain, ”said Brawn. “We managed to progress in the last one and we will test some innovations in the upcoming races, which should help solve these problems. We will not eliminate them completely yet, but we are making slow progress. The most important thing, of course, is that the car is fast in a race where points are scored. ”

According to Nico Rosberg, the race in Spain will show if the Mercedes team can keep up with the rest in terms of development, thus maintaining speed from the first races. "We have an interesting weekend ahead of us and once we see how good they will stay, we will know how the rest of the season will go."

Hamilton added: “I feel very good in the car now. We know where we need to improve, so we have gone to great lengths to close the gap with the leaders. Barcelona will be a very good indicator, as we know the racetrack well. We did most of the pre-season testing there. The racing weekend will show how much we have progressed since the tests. ”

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