Mercedes can be the fastest

Author of the article: , published March 25, 2013.


Lewis Hamilton is convinced that his Mercedes team can be better than the current Red Bull Racing champions. The Briton claims that the Silver Arrows are now the second fastest race car in the caravan.

The 2008 season champions clashed with Red Bull drifters in the middle of Sunday’s race for the Malaysian Grand Prix, and he also finished the race behind them, albeit with the help of controversial team commands. “We are the second best team, which is a big advantage. But if they continue in the set direction, we have all the chances open that at some point this year we will be the fastest, ”Hamilton is convinced. Although the Briton drove some promising laps compared to Red Bull, he had to save drastically on fuel in the last half of the race. He secured third place only when his teammate Nico Rosberg obeyed orders from the team and settled for fourth place.

“We didn’t have enough fuel in the car. There was a little less of it in mine than in Nic's, so I had to save fuel from the 25th lap, ”Hamilton explained. “It was impossible to compete with the race cars in front of me. In the end, I had to save fuel at every opportunity. I couldn’t compete with the racers around me. I’m sure the situation would be different if I had as much fuel as they had. I'm sure of that. "

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