Mercedes still denies any influence on the resignation of F1 race director Masi

Author of the article: , published March 5, 2022.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has once again denied rumors that his team has forced the replacement of race director Michael Masi, who has been heavily criticized since the last 2021 race.

In the decisive race of the season, Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton in the last lap of the race and won his first Formula One world title. Hamilton smiled at a record eighth title throughout the race. races filed as many as two official appeals. The FIA ​​dismissed the appeals as unfounded, and the German team threatened to appeal the decision and take it all to the International Sports Court.

Just a few hours before the deadline for filing an appeal, they seemingly only came to terms with the defeat and announced that they would not file it. Information has been leaked to the public that an agreement has just been reached with the FIA ​​that in exchange for withdrawing the complaint, the FIA ​​will dismiss Masija, who will remain under the auspices of the FIA, but his role is not yet known.

At Mercedes, rumors were again denied: "Withdrawal of the complaint is not related to anyone leaving the FIA," Wolff said. "I don't know where such information came from, but a change in the decision-making process, trials and technical solutions was necessary."

The Austrian said that the 2021 season was excellent, “but with some incomprehensible decisions it greatly divided the viewers and everyone involved.

Following the dismissal of Masi, the FIA ​​has appointed Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich as race directors.

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