McLarn electronics are causing problems

Author of the article: , published March 16, 2013.

The single electronic control unit supplied to the teams by McLarn's subsidiary is causing quite a few problems this year. The control unit, or its software, harassed some teams during the winter tests, where the engineers in the garages lost contact with their car. McLaren Electronic Systems has loaded into the race cars this year the software needed to run the V6 turbo engines, which will be in use next season. After problems with testing, the teams were equipped with an older version, which was then gradually upgraded with "debugged" versions.

But the “bugs” have apparently sneaked into the race cars nonetheless, as the race management has lost touch with the race cars as we have reported early in the morning. The race management is thus unable to deactivate the movable rear wing on the race cars in the event of yellow flags or rain, and the warning lights in the race car cabs, which light up when the warning flags are hung on the track, do not work.

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