McLaren calms Mercedes

Author of the article: , published on May 17, 2013.

McLaren has denied speculation that Honda could gain by having the British team continue to work with Mercedes next season before they start using Honda engines.

On Thursday, it was officially confirmed that the McLaren team will use Honda's 2015-liter V1.6 turbo engines in the 6 season, which will be prescribed for use next season. McLaren will thus spend the school year with the new powertrains with Mercedes, so the Germans are now worried that Woking could collect data on their engines and then pass it on to Honda.

“We talked about this with Mercedes for a long time,” said McLaren CEO Jonathan Neale about caring for Mercedes intellectual property. “We made sure they were reassured now. This is also about Honda’s interests. It is an organization that attaches great importance to honor, as is Mercedes. At McLarn, we will work between these two organizations so as not to harm either one or the other. ”

Neale stressed that it is in McLaren’s interests, as well as in Mercedes ’interests, that the collaboration in the 2014 season, before McLaren’s transfer to Honda, will be successful. “We need each other if we want to be successful, so we trust our partners. We are aware that we are interdependent. Although we are competitors on the track, we respect each other immensely behind the scenes, ”added Neale.

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