McLaren with a Honda engine this year?

Author of the article: , published on May 13, 2014.

The McLaren team could test Honda's six-cylinder this year, with which they will compete from next season onwards, revealed the team's sports director, Eric Boullier. This could happen in the last test after the race in Abu Dhabi, which will mark the end of the season and thus the end of contractual obligations with the current engine supplier, Mercedes.

"Until the race in Abu Dhabi, we will compete with Mercedes engines, and in the last two-day test we could already test Honda's engine, as the contract with Mercedes binds us only until the end of the race in Abu Dhabi," explained Boullier. about how to win this year’s races and not about the team re-engaging with the Japanese manufacturer. "We have not written off the season yet. We are working hard at Woking, and the main sponsor has no influence on everything anyway, as the budget for next season has already been set.

The new drive unit will not affect our current work, ”he added.

Photos: Mercedes

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