McLaren supports Perez

Author of the article: , published on June 5, 2013.

We’ve seen Sergio Perez’s very aggressive and attacking run in past races, and McLarn agrees. McLaren sporting director Sam Michael said the Mexican had not done anything unusual or inappropriate for the sport, but he was heavily criticized by Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. In Monaco, for example, the three demanded punishment for the accident.

“He’s a racer and just a race,” says Michael, who adds, “In Monaco, he raced at the extreme and put a lot of pressure, but that’s just Formula One. McLaren stands behind him and supports him. Behind such a race as we have seen to this day, we are behind it. Other racers have made similar moves and raced similarly in their careers, scoring a lot of points. "In addition to support, Sam also commented on overtaking before the chicane: new and unusual. He raced for a better place, which is what we demand of him. "

Either way, the fact is that Perez is still learning and evolving. Michael, on the other hand, also admits that he has changed a lot in the last two races and gone through a certain period: “The last two races were more transient for him. I believe he is still adapting to the team, doing his best and trying his best to get faster. For once, he’s doing well as he develops the race car and himself, and that’s also all we expect from him. For a 23-year-old who has at least 10 years of more experienced teammate Checo doing his job very well. We also have to praise him from a technical point of view, because he knows how to talk to engineers about what he wants to get out of a car, and that is very good for his experience. "