McLaren promised an investigation

Author of the article: , published March 19, 2013.


The McLaren team responded to Red Bull Racing's claims that the British team was to blame for Mark Webber's problems in Australia. Webber had a very bad start to the race for the Australian Grand Prix, and then KERS teased him, so Red Bull boss Christian Horner said: "You have to ask McLaren why the control unit didn't work."

McLaren's subsidiary MES (McLaren Electronic Systems) supplies standardized electronic control units to Formula One teams. This year, the teams are using a new one, ready for use in the coming seasons, when the race cars will be powered by V6 turbo engines. The control unit caught the teams already in tests, and finally caused problems to the International Automobile Federation FIA, which lost contact with the racers in the race in Australia and thus could not remotely disable the use of the movable rear wing DRS from the race management. In the race, however, the unit annoyed Mark Webber even more.

Martin Whitmarsh, the McLaren boss, was shocked when he heard Horner's criticism. “We will admit guilt if the error was caused by the software or the electronics of the control unit itself. But problems with the control unit can also be caused by the teams themselves if they set it up incorrectly. But we will review all of this. I will be disappointed if it is our fault, as not a single race car has been stopped so far due to our control unit used in F1, NASCAR and Indycar. We are proud of that, ”Whitmarsh said.

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