McLaren and Honda exclusively

Author of the article: , published on May 22, 2013.

A good week ago, we officially learned that McLaren will be performing with Honda engines in the 2015 season, and today they confirmed that it will be an exclusive collaboration. Martin Whitmarsh therefore says: “For once, we have an exclusive partnership with Honda, as the rules do not say that we should equip more than one team. Of course, it can happen that someone else will come later, but for once we are the only ones. "

Interestingly, Whitmarsh mentioned at the end that a Japanese racer could soon join the team, where he excludes Kobayashi: "The racer must win and win titles in the lower series, because we want him to have more potential." whether Kobayashi has a large enough financial backing at all, or he may even replace Masso at Ferrari, but Jules Bianchi is also in the game.

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