Maya Weug - First woman at Ferrari Racing Academy

Author of the article: , published January 22, 2021.

Maya weug is the first racer Ferrari has added to its racing offspring. 16-year-old Maya Weug is the winner of the initiative Girls on Track Rising Stars, prepared by the International Automobile Federation FIA.

Girls on Track serves to find talented female drivers between the ages of 12 and 16, and Maya, who has Dutch-Belgian roots, will compete for the award this year in Formulas 4, and will be fully funded by the Ferrari Racing Academy.

Weug competed for the final prize with 19 other competitors. After three rounds of competition, the last four candidates were among them Julia Ayoub from Brazil, Antonella Bassani, Tue Dorian Pin from France, went to the Paul Ricard racetrack, where they went through a rigorous five-day assessment program, of which they spent two days on the track behind the wheel of an F4 race car.

"I can't find the right words to describe my feelings," said Weug after the victory. “It’s been my dream ever since I started racing go-karts. Being part of the Ferrari family is something amazing, and the fact that I managed to win is simply extraordinary. I am very happy and grateful to the entire Ferrari Academy, and to the FIA ​​Federation. I learned a lot, but the Covid epidemic made things very difficult for me, as it was difficult for me to get here on time. ”

Ferrari's Academy of Young Racers has put the careers of quite a few young racers on the road to Formula One, among them Charles Leclerc, Strolla chain, by Antonio Giovinazzi, Mick Schumacher and the deceased Jules Bianchi. But the youngsters, according to the academy's manager, Marco Matassa, can slowly fear for their place in Formula 1: “Charles (Leclerc) is the first of our racers to successfully cross the path from the lower categories to Ferrari in Formula 1, so he set a special milestone for us. But one of the four finalists has achieved the highest marks so far, so she has a great chance to advance on Leclerc's path, regardless of gender. ”

The arrival of Weugova was also welcomed by the head of the Ferrari team, Mattia binotto: “Maya's arrival is a sign of our plans to include the fairer sex in motorsport. Five of our 19 young racers have made it to Formula 1 and four of them will occupy a total of 20% of the starting line-up in this year's Formula 1 season. ”

The three losers of the finals will not be left empty-handed, as they will be closely monitoring their development at the Ferrari Academy, and this year they will take a test drive of the car. Ferrari Challenge.

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