Max Verstappen is the most popular Formula 1 racer, Hamilton only third

Author of the article: , published on October 21, 2021.

The spectators have, or rather you have chosen the Dutchman Max Verstappn as the most popular Formula 1 racer, while his competitor for the title of world champion this year, Lewis Hamilton, took only the third place. In terms of popularity, it was overtaken by compatriot Lando Norris, who received 13.7% of the vote, or 0,7% less than Verstappen, and 1,2% more than Hamilton, who received 12,5% ​​of the vote. The Briton received the most votes in the last such poll, in 2017.

The survey involved 167.302 viewers from 187 countries, and Hamilton was the most popular viewer from the UK.

Among the teams, the most popular team is McLaren, which enjoys the support of 29,5% of participants, and Red Bull Racing is second with 19,8%. Scuderia Ferrari slipped to third place with 17,9% of the vote, and the current champions among the team, Mercedes, are only fourth with 11,9% support.

Judging by the results of the survey, viewers are of the opinion that Formula 1 is "healthier" than five years ago. At least 55% of voters think so.

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