Massa back on the winning track

Felipe Massa
Author of the article: , published March 26, 2013.

Felipe Massa has not celebrated a victory since the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008, which is why he came very close to losing his seat at Ferrari at the end of last year. The Brazilian has therefore faced reality and thus started this year's season completely anew. The Ferrari racer showed excellent form on both of this year’s racing weekends, as he always qualified ahead of Alonso, and in a race with a very stable ride for the first time in three years, he came ahead of a teammate.

Despite all the good results, we must be aware that we have only two races of the season behind us, which is also pointed out by Massa: “I do not believe that we have a winning car, but we are certainly competitive at least to reach the podium. We have to stay realistic, but compared to last year we did a great job, which of course we have to continue. I think that if we continue in this direction, we will have the opportunity to win the races sooner or later. "

Felipe also commented on the Malaysian race, where he had a lot of tire wear in the first part, which caused him to lose the fight with the top: “We were in good shape, but without problems in the introductory part of the race, we would be ranked much higher. It is important that we won points, and the fifth place compared to the first part of the race is not such a very bad ranking. "

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