Mass with F60 on the streets of Warsaw

Author of the article: , published on May 19, 2013.

Driving a Formula One car on the track is something amazing, but it also feels special when the racer goes for testing, flat tests and on the street. Therefore, all racers, older and younger, enjoy driving a Formula One car. This time, Felipe Massa tasted the street track and Shell’s event. The Brazilian was driving an F60 car on the streets of Warsaw and after that he said: "It is very interesting to drive so close to the audience, to watch people waving goodbye to you, and to take thousands of photos of you and the car."

Despite the fact that Felipe did not drive at the limit, he was very enthusiastic after the event: “I had a lot of fun, despite the fact that I did not drive very fast. The spectators also enjoyed it and I have to say that this is the second such event for me this year. Namely, before the season we were in Rio de Janeiro, where we gathered a lot of people in one place. There are often people who are not interested in Formula One, as well as those who are just beginning to be interested. I'm sorry I can't share more time with them, I hope I will have time to stay longer someday. "

Finally, Massa commented on the course of this year's season, with which he is certainly satisfied: "We started the season very successfully, as we have a competitive car. Otherwise, we also had some problems, such as in Bahrain. Nevertheless, the team works very hard, we are constantly developing the car and we strive to improve at every step. Above all, we can improve on qualifications. Monaco is my second home track, we will drive very close to the protective fences here. We have to do everything right on Saturday if we want to get on stage for the winners on Sunday. Our goal is clear, but there are still many issues including tires. We will do our best, and then we will see what happens. "

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