Massa: "Faster tracks suit us better"

Author of the article: , published on June 17, 2013.

According to Felipe Massa, Ferrari will regain something compared to Red Bull on faster tracks, such as Silverstone. Let’s remember that Ferrari had quite a few problems in Monte Carlo, but that’s what the Italians expected as well. Either way, Massa and Alonso are expecting a new rise of the jumping cavalry from Maranello, which is expected to take Alonso back to first place in the World Cup scoring.

Nevertheless, in recent weeks, many people have had the feeling that Ferrari has somehow stalled with development. This, of course, is vehemently rejected by Massa, who says: “I believe we will be going back to the top in Silverstone, as we have had very competitive material on fast tracks such as Barcelona and China. Montreal was very different from all the tracks that await us, I believe that better races await us. "

In the end, Massa lamented over the pitch he has been holding from Monaco and over poor form with tires in Bahrain: “I am not happy with this season as I have experienced too many collisions. I’ve made a lot of mistakes that I don’t want to repeat in future races. I hope that the bad luck will not stick to me anymore and that I will make better use of my potential. "

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