Marquez risked too much, Lorenzo celebrated

Author of the article: , published September 28, 2014.

Bad weather in Alcaniz, heralded an interesting racing Sunday. After finishing the Moto 2 class race, which was won by Maverick Vinales, the sun appeared over the track. Thus, the racers in the most elite class started the race with dry track tires. Both Honda racers, who were also big favorites in the race, and the positive surprise of Ducati Andrea Iannone, ran out of the front row.

After a few introductory turns, Ianone even took the lead, where he didn't stay long. Anyway, his chances for a great ranking were blown away in the second round, where he drove on a wet curb, but then he failed to tame his Ducati and completely shattered it. Just a lap later, a similar thing happened to the winner of the previous race, Valentin Rossi. He also appeared to have suffered an arm injury. Workers along the track took him away on a stretcher, which did not promise good news, but they have already announced that they kept him on observation only due to a blow to the head. Thus, the racers Honda Marquez and Pedrosa remained in the fight for the victory, and recently the better Jorge Lorenzo, who by the way only started the race from the seventh starting place.

In the fight for first place, all three racers took turns several times. However, the youngest of all, Marc Marquez, seemed to have the initiative. He kept looking back and watching his rivals do what they were doing. On several occasions, they made a close overtaking with a teammate to keep their breath in the garage, as it seemed that they could only prevent themselves a double victory if their overtaking caused a touch and a consequent fall. Eight laps before the end, however, it started to rain on the racetrack. Some racers from the background immediately went to the pits to replace the car. The leading trio, however, continued the tactical battle and remained on the racetrack.

Four laps before the end, however, Lorenzo decided to replace the car, as the track was already fairly wet in some parts, and Marquez and Pedrosa continued down the track. But not for long. During this time, when Lorenzo changed his motorcycle, Pedrosa fell at the end of the finish line and thus let it be known that Marquez will probably not be able to withstand the four laps he has left until the seemingly new victory. So it was with Marquez, who ended up in the sand in the next round. Subsequently, both Honda racers were forced to replace the heavily crafted race cars, and finish the race in the background. In thirteenth and fourteenth place. Lorenzo, however, came to an easy victory. Aleix Espargaro and Cal Crutchlow accompanied him on the winners' stage.

Photos: MotoGP

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