Marquez is preparing for the home test

Author of the article: , published on June 12, 2013.

The young Spanish favorite from the royal class has almost forgotten about the racing pitch in Mugello. That is why he is focusing all his efforts on preparations for the home race for the Grand Prix of Catalonia.

Marc Marquez was lucky in the accident at the Italian Grand Prix, as he took it away without any serious injuries, despite four falls. The fact is even more impressive because in one of the falls he lost control at a speed close to 350km / h!

As the racer himself said, after a bad weekend he is looking forward to be able to prove himself in the home race for the Grand Prix of Catalonia.

“My doctor confirmed to me last week that there were no complications with my injuries and I will soon be 100% ready again. I really hope the weather in Barcelona is good, so I will can take full advantage of free training. This is again one of those racetracks where other racers have more experience and will be especially hard to beat. We will stick to the plan, do our best and try to get the best possible result. ” The 20-year-old added.

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