Marquez expected Honda's approach to Di Giannantonio not Marini

Author of the article: , published on November 16, 2023.

Marc Marquez admitted he was surprised by Honda's decision to lure Luca Marini to its garage rather than Fabio di Giannantonio.

Marquez will move to the Gresini team before the start of the 2024 season, but it is still unknown who will take his place at Honda. The Japanese-based team has been linked with a number of racers in recent weeks, with Honda reportedly signing Luca Marini. "I don't know what Honda's plans are, but a few races ago I thought they would bet on Di Giannantonia. Already in Thailand, however, things have started to turn against Marini, who, it seems, will take my place.

I'm happy for Luca. We always got along well. He is a young and now experienced Ducati racer, which is the best motorcycle to achieve good results. I don't know what motivates him to switch to Honda. I myself decided to leave because I want a competitive motorcycle, and Luca will join a project that will require a lot of work. Sometimes things seem final, but from the inside they unfold differently, so you will have to ask him about the reasons for the transfer."

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