Marquez: I couldn’t breathe for five seconds

Author of the article: , published on October 4, 2019.

Marc Marquez presented his views on the press after the event on Friday on the track a horrible drop from the first free practice. As he admitted, he could not breathe for the first five seconds after the fall, which was the reason he had been lying by the track for so long.

“About five seconds after the fall, I couldn’t breathe. That was also the reason I didn’t get up so quickly. It was only five seconds, but it seemed much longer to me. It was a severe fall but I already felt much better when I arrived at the medical center. Nevertheless, the doctors wanted to perform a more detailed examination to make sure that there were no serious injuries. "

As he later explained, he completely shut off the gas in the seventh turn, which he usually doesn’t do in the demanding right turn.

“I was driving much slower than usual, as I had just driven out of the garage. I had new tires, maybe even the track wasn’t clean enough. Normally we don’t close the throttle completely in this turn, but that’s when I did it, as I wasn’t driving at full power. At the same time, the engine brake hit hard, which meant that it took away the back of my motorcycle. It’s entirely my fault. Maybe it was because of the rapid change of direction. ”


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