Marc Marquez and Honda - a messy end to one of the most successful pairings in MotoGP history

Author of the article: , published on November 27, 2023.

Yesterday, the story of Marc Marquez in the Repsol Honda team came to an end. A connection that is considered one of the most successful in the history of the Moto GP class. The successes of the Spanish racer are well known to everyone, but at such an event it is good to remember what they all achieved together.

Marc made his MotoGP debut in 2013 when he replaced Casey Stoner at Honda. Already in his premiere race in Qatar, he stepped onto the podium with third place. Just fourteen days later, he won for the first time in Austin, becoming the youngest winner in the elite class. At the end of the season, he became the youngest world champion.

He was in a class of his own in 2014 after winning the opening ten races of the season. After a slightly worse year in 2015, which will forever be marked by his incident with Valentino Rossi in Sepang, in the following four seasons he won just as many titles and broke countless records.

Who would have thought in 2019, after securing his sixth world championship title after winning in Thailand, that this would also be his last in the colors of Repsol Honda.

In the opening race of the corona season in 2020, he was seriously injured in a fall and did not compete again. Marc was not the same after the injury. In 2021, he managed to step on the top step of the podium three times, but he was never close to fighting for the title of world champion again.

In the last period, he was increasingly dissatisfied with Honda's lack of competitiveness, so he decided to terminate the contract early and transfer to the Gresini team.

His time at Honda will go down in golden letters in the history of the sport, despite its miserable end. Six world championship titles, of which they won the triple crown five times, 59 victories, 101 places on the winners' podium and 64 best starting positions are just some of the most important joint achievements.

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