Maldonado started the season relaxed

Pastor Maldonado
Author of the article: , published April 1, 2013

Maldonado earned quite a few penalties last season for racing errors and involvement in various accidents. So Pastor has had a difficult year, but he has obviously left it behind, as he says that he entered this season more relaxed: “I have more experience now, but I have also shown that I am ready to win if the opportunity arises. Everyone can have bad moments, but on the other hand, I had quite a few problems with the commissioners, who looked at me in even more detail after a few incidents. "

Nevertheless, Maldonado believes that he has learned something from his mistakes, become more experienced and, most importantly, more relaxed: "I started this season relaxed and I hope to avoid the commissioners in the future." In the end, Williams the racer admitted that he accepted that he would not always have a competitive car: “Maybe I put too much pressure sometimes because I didn’t realize I just didn’t have enough competitive car to win. I’ve always fought for wins in the past, but Formula One is completely different in that. Sometimes it is necessary to be satisfied with the tenth place. "

Photos: Williams

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