Maldonado criticizes the penalty points

Author of the article: , published April 18, 2014

Pastor Maldonado discussed a new system of penalty points that could cause him to miss a race soon. After only three races this season, the Venezuelan has already scored three penalty points, and at twelve he will have to watch one race only from his team's garage.

The same fate threatens Jules Bianchi, who has earned another more than Maldonado.

"I don't know if anyone will actually be able to score twelve points, but if they already have four after three races, they will soon be able to score twelve," said Adrian Sutil. The most serious incident in which penalty points were awarded was committed by Maldonado in Bahrain, where he collided with Esteban Gutierrez, who overturned due to touching.

Maldonado, however, also made an unusual mistake in free practice in Shanghai. He looked away from the track for a moment and simply drove off the car.

“I think the system is pretty good,” Gutierrez commented on the penalty points. "They make us a little more aware that we shouldn't do stupid things and that we racers should respect each other."

But Maldonado claims it was a normal racing accident in Bahrain. “We have to avoid collisions, but we can’t race because of the penalty points,” he said. “We are racers and we always take risks. If you are already competing, you also have to take risks. Therefore, the Commissioners should perhaps be a little more lenient. At least that's what I think. "

Gutierrez said after colliding with a Lotus racer that his biggest problem is that mistakes don’t teach him. “It is pointless to speculate about the recordings, as they are eloquent enough in themselves. This is exactly the problem, as the Pastor does not admit that he did something wrong. He only sees things from his point of view, and I don't think that's right. "

Maldonado, on the other hand, attributed the overturning of Gutierrez’s race car after the crash in Bahrain to the new low noses of the race cars, which turned the gentle collision into a dramatic accident. “Because of the new noses, the car flew when touched. I believe viewers were shocked at the sight of the accident. The punishment was also awarded on the basis of the impression given by the accident at first sight and not because of the contact itself, ”the Venezuelan explained.

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