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Author of the article: , published March 24, 2013.

The Malaysian Grand Prix started on a slightly wet track, causing the racers to start the race on light rain tires. The start went without any major problems, only Alonso injured his front wings in the second turn alongside Vettl. The Spaniard drove the whole lap in second place, but already at the beginning of the second lap he experienced a collision when he was overtaken by Webber. The Australian overtook the Spaniard, but then they found themselves one after the other too quickly and Alonso was left without an already damaged wing, which is why he finished the race on the spot. It is worth mentioning that Hamilton and Rosberg found themselves behind Webber. Massa fell to sixth place, as Button also overtook him.

In the fifth lap, the track started to dry faster, which is why we started listening to the radio speculations when we should start driving with dry track tires. The first to take the risk was Vettel, followed by Massa. The German quickly returned to the track, but what if he lost his place as a joke. By the seventh lap, the situation on the track had stabilized to such an extent that the dry track tires started to speed up, causing other racers to replace the tires with those for the dry track as well. Faster times immediately began to set in, and interestingly, only Webber used harder tires and the rest medium-hard ones.

Among the first stops, it is worth mentioning the dangerous, exit from the stop for Vergna, as it was then that Pic was coming, who had no choice but to run into him. A more interesting incident happened to Hamilton, who forgot to switch from McLaren to Mercedes, as he drove straight to McLarn instead of Mercedes.

By the twentieth lap we saw quite a few faster and faster laps, but also a lot of tire wear. Webber and Vettel were in the first two places. Behind both Red Bull racers Hamilton and Rosberg, then Button, Hulkenberg and Massa. It was only in ninth place that the winner of the first race of this season, Raikkonen, was behind eighth Grosjean and XNUMXth ahead of Perez. Anyway, the tire wear was getting higher and higher as there was no more rain and the track was getting faster and hotter. In the twentieth lap, he had to stop at Webber, who returned to fifth place on the track. Suddenly, almost a second slower than Grosjean, Massa started to drive, which caused the Brazilian to quickly drive for fresh tires (harder) and return to ninth place. Of course, the others also had to drive to the stops, where it is worth mentioning that Hulkenberg fell to the ninth place, which resulted in Massa and Grosjean coming in seventh and eighth, and Sutil was at the stop for quite some time. The German failed to tighten the first left tire. As for the dot on the i, two rounds after that at Force India, the boxing race was finished by di Resta.

In the twenty-fifth lap, Hamilton drove incredibly fast, who was more than a second faster than the leading Webber and a half faster than Vettl in third place, but he was quickly warned that he had to pay more attention to tire wear. In the middle of the race, we were promised a fierce battle for the lead between the two Red Bull racers and Hamilton, and not far away was Rosberg. Vettel came very close to Webber, but almost a second faster times suddenly became even slower, which forced them to tell Vettel that Webber was slower and that he should just overtake him. Obviously, it is much easier to approach someone than to overtake them, despite the use of DRS, which makes the leading four of the vehicle somehow within a second. In the twenty-ninth lap, Sutil finished the race, ending a black weekend for Force Indio.

In the thirty-first lap, Hamilton decided to go to the pits at the stop, but at the entrance he almost collided with Vettl, as the Englishman wanted to drive straight and thus cross the path of Vettl. Fortunately, there was no collision, but this meant many stops by the leading racers again. Among the top three, Vettel was the last to decide to stop, which was the wrong decision, as the order after the stops was as follows: Button, Webber, Hamilton and Vettel. Immediately behind the German was Rosberg, but more interesting was between Webber and Hamilton, where the Australian managed to overtake the Englishman in the first and second turns. We watched a similar duel with Butten, who drove to a stop where his front right tires were not tightened enough. Luckily, Jenson stopped the car immediately after starting, the mechanics pushed him back to the stop and of course tightened the tire, but the loss of time was enormous.

Of all the incidents, Webber was still at the top ahead of Hamilton and Vettl, and fourth-placed Rosberg. With a stable and fast run, Massa took fifth place ahead of Grosjean. Probably one of the most interesting matches took place around the fortieth round, when Raikkonen and Hulkenberg were still in eighth place. The duel was anything but friendly, as we were constantly watching the bike next to the bike and slight collisions, but fortunately there were no injuries. The Finn then finally managed to pass Hulkenberg at the end of the main plane, but the two remained close together. At the same time, the radio stations started discussing the last stops, where, for example, Hamilton wanted to save fuel. Lewis was the first of the leaders to drive to the last stop. Immediately after him, Vettel came after the last pair, followed by Rosberg.

Rosberg came back to the track in front of Hamilton, but we were all still waiting for Vettl. The German returned to the track right next to Webber. So we watched the duel between the two Red Bulls, where the Australian managed to defend first place for "mouse hair". Behind the two Red Bulls, another fight erupted between the two Mercedes, where Hamilton drove ahead of Rosberg. When we already thought that the situation between Webber and Vettl had calmed down, the latter attacked and after a collision with a teammate only succeeded. In the last seven laps, he drove Massa to a stop, causing him to fall to eighth place behind Perez and Raikkonen. Interestingly, the Brazilian took the outside line in the first turn and easily overtook Perez, followed by Kimi. Massa drove seven seconds behind Gorsjean, but he was up to three seconds faster than him, setting the fastest laps of the race.

Five laps before the end, Vettel was still in the lead ahead of Webber, where the difference had already increased to four seconds. Hamilton finished third just before Rosberg, where nothing had been decided yet. For both Mercedes, however, Grosjean and Massa, where the difference also narrowed rapidly. Three laps before the end, Ricciardo finished the race and Massa overtook Grosjean and came in fifth. Two laps before the end, Button finished the race, driving nicely into the pits, and at that time Ros Brawn also warned both Mercedes racers to watch out for the race car. In other words, it was clear that Hamilton and Rosberg should not overtake each other.

Interestingly, only a lap before the end Perez drove to a stop. By the end of the race, we were mainly watching both Mercedes, where Hamilton must have been very careful about the fuel, which made Rosberg get very close to him. Still, Hamilton ended up in third place ahead of Rosberg and Massa. Gorsjean took sixth place ahead of Raikkonen, while Hulkenberg, Perez and Vergne were among the top ten.

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