Malavašič was left without a co-driver in front of Velenje

Author of the article: , published on June 9, 2014.

At the 29th AMTK Rally Velenje, 66 crews will compete against each other, which is slightly less than last year. Among the performers, we will miss, among others, Ervin Malavašič with VW Polo, who had to give up the performance, not because of lack of money or a broken car, but because he did not get a co-driver until the deadline for applications. "The rally is a very complex matter, where everything has to be caught before the race, let alone during it, if you want to achieve a solid result and bring the whole race car to the finish line, and finish the rally in good spirits," Malavašič commented on his ridiculous reason for absence. rally.

“We have proven that we have the much-needed reliability and solid, if not good, results, given that our division has at least five very equal vehicles with excellent drivers, and we still rank in the top ten. That is why it is even harder to understand why it is so difficult to get a solid co-driver for one race, let alone for a whole season or more, ”said Malavašič, who is understandably angry that not performing. “It’s a shame a car doesn’t drive if it’s therefore ready. It is also a pity for the sponsors who are looking forward to our matches. ”

If Ervin is not already racing in Velenje, he hopes to have more luck in finding a co-driver, at least for the Maribor rally, which will take place at the beginning of next month. "I really want to take the Maribor Rally, so I hope that by then I will have more luck with the co-driver, otherwise everything will lose all meaning. I hope to see you in Maribor, ”Ervin added at the end.


Potential co-driver candidates can contact Ervin, also via his FB profile:


(photo: Marko Modrijan)


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